Friday, March 28, 2014

Decorating a New Home with Old Easter Decorations

Front door wreath - new from "Going Out of Business" sale at a local
antique store

There was no where to put my Egg Tree so I  hung it on the brick chimney.

 You can see how the Easter Tree protrudes
 from the brick. It actually looks pretty good
 because you can't walk next to it because of the

Bought these two eggs Monday at the same "Going Out of Business" sale. I think I will call them Wyatt & Owen after
my niece's two little boys.

Wyatt & Owen are sitting in a nest that I have saved for 36 years! A bird made it in the tree outside the Nursery window when I was pregnant with  Charles in Pittsburgh.

I found this gold in my grandmother's things.

Gold egg in the fruit basket.

Hope made the yellow duck in Anchorage. The other characters came from our very first Easter
at Church of the Ascension in 1976.  The womens group made them.

This is the Basinger Family of Bunnies.
I found the shell somewhere on the Alaskan Coast and then found
a preacher  bunny. I am wearing a bow and serving dinner. Hope is in her pajamas with a blankie next to Peter in denim. Charles is doing his own thing next to a big egg.

This is Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny made from wool gloves and dressed
for an Alaskan Easter

                                   Happy Easter!

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