Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nursing in Moab, Utah

If this were a normal winter, Peter would be heading to Anchorage to race in the IDITAROD TRAIL INVITATIONAL  for the 15th year. His goal was to be competitive this year, no house to build or Masters to complete. But then his back flared up and he scheduled spinal fusion surgery. Would I come to Moab and help for 2 weeks in February?

Surgery was scheduled for 9:30 am in Grand Junction, CO on Monday, Feb. 9.  Grand Junction not quite 2 hours north east of Moab. Peter said to get a ticket to Moab or Grand Junction before the 9th. I ended up flying into Salt Lake City on Saturday with a connector flight to Moab. The flight to MSP was an ice cube. The flight to SLC was a pizza oven and was delayed leaving MSP.  I missed the last flight to Moab and had to get a hotel for Saturday night in Salt Lake City. The good thing - I was flying in on Saturday and not Sunday (with no room for error because of Monday's surgery). The bad thing - I was lugging two huge suitcases because I filled them with Grandma's kitchen pots and pans and a hand mixer to give to Peter.
Plus a backpack full of overripe pears. . .   Don't ask.              


In the hotel room I put them in the complimentary ice bag. By the way the room was between 75 and 85 degrees and I only had winter clothing and pajamas. Not a comfortable night.

Only one other person was on the small plane to Moab. Nanci was a retired music teacher and started a strings program in the public schools - a non-profit organization. She has one of Peter's 5 th grade students in her program. Thursday was a winter concert and she invited me. As I listened to her stories I clicked photos of the Green River below from the plane window. 


Because Peter had to fast before the survey he suggested we go to the Moab Brewery for lunch.

Then we headed for Slick Rock for a hike. Peter brought his quad copter and made a silly video.


Early Monday morning we left for Grand Junction. The sun on the Book Cliffs created an amazing sight the whole way.

I  vacuumed his classroom at Moab Charter School as he got everything set up for the sub's 2 weeks.

This is Peter's refurbished house. Not quite what I am looking at on Houzz but minimalist and neat with a Bike Shop in the full basement. The house is bigger than our cottage.

Peter's room is on the far left and my room is to the right of the front door. Erik's room is behind my room. I share Peter's master bath and Erik has his own bath.

The view from my bedroom window.

The drive to the hospital in Gand Junction, Colorado was stunning with the sunrise on the Book Cliffs.

The hospital in Grand Junction was in the midst of a huge shift to a new campus. The waiting room was of Jiffy Lube quality and comfort. Mike Curiak generously offered me a room in his house for two nights while Peter recovered in the hospital.