Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Perfect WEEK at the Cottage

Beginning with Sunday, the week included 

Carson: I think I will hold your hand, it will make me feel a bit steadier.
Mrs Hughes: You can always hold my hand if you need to feel steady.
Carson: I don’t know how, but you managed to make that sound a little risqué.
Mrs Hughes: And if I did? We’re getting on Mr Carson, you and I, we can afford to live a little…

Great end for Season Four  -

Monday,  I accompanied Jim on a parish visit. We only had a last name and an address. My purpose is not to talk about parish visits but you will see where this is going . . . We visited a historic Leesburg Estate and met the fascinating owner . . . On the wall were many

Ida Lee Rust
portraits and  a genealogical chart. So a component of a Perfect Week has to include my one obsession, GENEALOGY. When we got into the car I could quickly check the names in my files on my iPad and, sure enough, I already had this family in my files. Now I had seen the portraits of these renown Virginians in their own home.

Tuesday we had another snow storm that was short lived. In another post I mentioned our first dinner guests at the Cottage, a real highlight.

Wednesday we drove 15 minutes to Patrick Henry College for the Newsmaker Series.
Marvin Olasky interviewed Dr. David Jeremiah.

Afterwards I chatted with two women who love WOOL, another passion. K. and  I visited Y.


Fairbanks rider Kevin Breitenbach shattered the previous bike record by over 14 hours. The record was set just last yer by Jay Petervary from Idaho breaking the 3 day mark for the first time in the race history. This year the meltdown in January created a snow highway for bikers in the Invitational. Kevin made it to McGrath in the same time the mushers in the Iditarod do. They arrive in McGrath Tuesday night at 8 or 9 at night. Aaron Burmeister went through McGrath at 6 pm last year.
In second place is Anchorage rider Tim Berntson, also in amazing fast time in just over 2 days. In third place is Alec Petro.
Peter arrives safely in McGrath - 6th place.


Pat & Grady Pennell from Alaska

As we left Patrick Henry College on WED we met Erin who said she just met friends of ours at a Christian gathering. She could not remember their names but gave enough clues that we guessed correctly. She connected us with the Pennells and they came for breakfast at the Cottage before our hike. Grady is the pastor at Eagle River Grace and they are on a 4 month sabbatical. Grady went to Texas A & M (as did Jim) and Pat went to Wheaton (as I did). But the coincidence doesn't stop there. They just returned from visiting a daughter in Okinawa and stayed with a couple that Jim married 30 + years ago in Pittsburgh.

Then a good hike at Ball's Bluff Battlefield along the Potomac River.

Joann, Jami, Kim, Tracy

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