Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas 2016

Exciting in many ways. We are in our new beautiful building and there is a 
comfortable unity of purpose. 

And for the first time in almost 40 years we are not hosting Christmas. Charles hosted us at his home in Birmingham and I loved it! He had a beautiful live tree and bought all the food at Costco.

Will our Marriage Survive. . . ?

So I said YES when a marketing person for Hilton Grand Vacations asked if I would like a 'free' vacation at a lovely resort. First mistake.

Second Mistake. I did not tell Jim....but he would have to come with me.

Well, there were some rough spots on the 'free vacation' but quite a few sweet spots as well.

Rough Spots:

  • The real cost once we got our flights, rental car.....for Orlando. 
  • And the grueling 3 hour sales pitch!

Sweet Spots:

  • Carol Sheridan's family planned a Sheridan Family Reunion at Disney World the first week in December. Becky Sheridan knows all things Disney. We had a day with them at Epcot that was amazing, thanks to Becky's knowledge of Epcot. 
  • We also went to St. Augustine for a night with Jim, Becky, Carol, and granddaughter Rebecca
  • We visited the Rev. Joe & Helen McDowell in Cocoa Beach - dear friends from our time in Chaptico, MD
  • We resisted the sales pitch.
  • Our marriage survived.

We took Charles and Peter to Disney World and Epcot in 1983!

Peter was 3 and had a difficult time with the dark tunnels and mildly scary encounters that accompanied every ride and exhibit.  He needed a few more years. He did like Donald Duck so we bribed him when he cried in every line, "No, don't make me go in there....! We said 'You can see Donald Duck!" That helped a little.

Then at Epcot we pushed him in the stroller into the China Exhibit. . .  and the lights dimmed. I don't know what possessed us to use the Donald Duck line again, but we did and Peter  got quiet.

The beautiful film on a 180 degree screen took us to the Forbidden City. . .  then through the giant doors  in the wall of the city to the dramatic climax. It was perfectly quiet until Peter shouted,"But where is Donald Duck?"