Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bri is getting married . . .

Memories of Bri

December 23, 2011. From my Journal

So far this morning we have had enough chaos for the year. I woke up to the odor of cooking. Knew it had to be Peter. Came down and Hope was sleeping on Carol s mattress and Peter had the Santa hat on and a white quilt batting beard that he had just made --- and was busy cooking eggs. ALYESKA gives free passes today if you are dressed like Santa.

Peter is using the Santa hat he made at least 15 years ago. He also found my quilt batting and elastic in the drawers in his room that I would not have found without a month's notice.

Hope gets up and decides to finish the rest of her sleep in my bed. Bri phoned at 7 am and said " Hope, I want to ask you a really big favor." Hope awoke suddenly from a deep sleep and thought she said, "Hope, I have a really cute Christmas outfit for you." Hope replied "Thank you so much, Bri" wondering why on earth she  was calling at 7am. Bri wondered why Hope was thanking her for asking for a really big favor.

Bri continued that she left her car off Dowling last night and needed a ride to go pick it up right away. Hope took her to find her car but Bri was unsure exactly where it was and did not have her remote starter to turn on the lights of the car so she could spot it. Evidently they rode around for quite a while before she remembered where she left it. Hope said she had a smile on her face the whole time. So Bri.

Soon Ethan came by for Peter. He sat at the counter and I had fun talking to him, then Heidi and Brian came by and they all left with Santa outfits for the ski slopes.

Pretty soon Bri and Graham left with Hope in Bri s car in their Santa Outfits. Charles, jet lagged, hung around for "boss" Scott Woodland" to finish the Snow White Cleaner employee parties and drive down to ALYESKA. He also needed to borrow some of Scott s equipment. I got to listen to a few patent attorney calls, too. 

Then Hope calls to say their car broke down and they were sitting on the highway all in Santa outfits so they could get the free ski pass. Charles said he and Scott could pick them up in the truck soon. But Scott was late. Terry drove down and tried to charge the battery. They got as far as Potter Mailboxes with Terry's charge. Scott arrived at the house and then they left and picked them up. Whew . . So 3 kids at ALYESKA, 2 dressed as Santa.

A stranger, dressed as Santa, walked up to Charles and gave him the free ticket he just earned for dressing as Santa. Charles had not attempted an outfit.  Evidently they all thought the conditions were superb, thanks to the new snow.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Everyone needs a Bri

Hi everyone! 

In case we have not met, I am Hope Basinger, Bri’s Maid of Honor. Right now It is my HONOR to talk about Bri and Graham. 

Bri grew up a few houses from me in Anchorage, Alaska after her family moved into the neighborhood. Her dad searched for kids in the neighborhood who were also in  second grade, and found my name in the Kempton Hills directory. He knocked on our door and introduced himself and Bri.  From that day on Bri and I were best friends. Everyone needs a BRI IN THEIR LIFE.

I had two teenage brothers and she had two sisters.  I wanted to live at Bri’s house and practically did.We ran back and forth from house to house. If I didn’t like what was for dinner at my house I ate at Bri’s house. If Bri didn't like what was in her closet she came to my closet. Many nights we dragged our pillows, blankies, and everything else to a tent in my yard, but hard as we tried, we could not make it through the night in the tent. We also went to many church camps together and Bri took care of me  and put up with my terrible week-long homesickness (even though my father was at camp with us). Speaking of fathers, when Terry Manion took us on long road trips we would read out loud CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP FOR THE TEENAGE SOUL.

My favorite memory of Bri, because I believe it captures her personality so well, is in 8th grade Bri redecorated her room and I wanted to redecorate my room too. My mom was not enthusiastic and thought she squashed the idea by saying I could only decorate it if I did it all by myself. But Bri said  “Hope, we can do it! I’ll help you buy the paint- we’ll move all your furniture, repaint your room- and you’ll love it!” Impossible is not in Bri s vocabulary. She helped me move all of my furniture out of room that night, we picked out the PURPLE paint, and began painting the next day. She completely took control and made my dreams of having a cute purple bedroom come true. Bri, this is a gift of yours! You have a confidence in completing tasks that bless others. And Graham, I can’t wait for you to have this Bri for the rest of your life! She takes on things with excitement, confidence, and enthusiasm- and ignites everyone around her.

Going away to college, Bri and I went our separate ways but Bri always called to check in and we even had a journal we sent back and forth to share our thoughts and feelings. Did we lose that journal? 

The summer before before my senior year of college , Bri started mentioning this guy named Graham, and told me many times that she really thought she liked him… she was so excited to introduce him to me at Moli’s wedding - and, Graham, I could tell she really liked you. Over Christmas that year I got to know you better. You are  genuine, and you ask great questions. Remember our first hangout when we drove to Alyeska Ski Resort  dressed as Santa Claus? You got o ride the lift for free if you were dressed as Santa Claus .Bri’s explorer broke down on the Seward  highway, and my brother and his friend rescued us and drove us to Girdwood. 

The second time I spent time with Graham was at my college graduation. It meant so much to me that Bri drove from Arizona to Georgia and (to pick up Graham) then they both drove north to Virginia for my college graduation. At one point I looked into the stands and them standing up like proud parents, taking pictures of me as I received my diploma. At the graduation dinner Bri and Graham  spent the evening cutting up the ingredients for the appetizers and serving my guests! Bri and Graham, you are a team and together you care for your friends and the people around you. 

Graham, I said earlier that I believe everyone needs a Bri in their life. I have to say, I’ve missed my Bri the past few years in Alaska and treasure the brief time we had there together after college! She was always the one to stay with me at my odd housesitting houses so that I didn’t get scared- but I am thankful that you and Bri have found each other, and she has had this time with you in Georgia.  She was excited to journey with you to Savannah, and has  embraced it ( SO BRI) She is  excited to journey with you to Utah, and I know she is going to be the best wife to have by your side these next few years… and forever. As I said, we all need a Bri in our life, and I am excited you get to have her forever! 

When Bri gave her speech at Moli and Jordan’s wedding, she said she hoped she’d find someone who looked at Moli the way Jordan does- and Graham- it’s you. Your love for Briana is evident and I am thankful she has you! 

God s blessings to a beautiful couple!  Cheers.