Monday, June 27, 2016

2 Firsts

1. Church or Our Saviour Oatlands had the First service in our new building with Coffee Hour in the Farmhouse!

2. Peter won the Kenai 250 Bike Race  -  first major win since his spinal fusion surgery over a year ago.



PositionRiderFromCategoryTime (d:hh:mm)
1Pete BasingerMoab, UTGroup Start1:11:00 RECORD
2Anson MoxnessAnchorage, AKGroup Start1:11:23
2“Dirty D” ErohAnchorage, AKGroup Start1:11:23
3“Queen F Bee” TowerAnchorage, AKGroup Start1:22:30 WOMEN RECORD
3 Mark DavisAnchorage, AKGroup Start 1:22:30
4 Ana JagerAnchorage, AKGroup Start 2:05:57
4 Jim JagerAnchorage, AKGroup Start  2:05:57
5 Tim KirkAnchorage, AKGroup Start 2:09:40
6“Josh Pants” DuffusAnchorage, AKGroup Start 2:09:52
7“Canadian Clubber” SimekAnchorage, AKGroup Start 2:15:30
8“Sweet Tot” PierceAnchorage, AKGroup Start 0.497 weeks
8“Hellbilly” HuffAnchorage, AKGroup Start 0.497 weeks
“Hollywood” DiMarzioSeward, AKGroup StartDNF
 “The Grouch” LageAnchorage, AKGroup StartDNF
 Alec CervenkaAnchorage, AKGroup StartDNF
 Alicia DriscollAnchorage, AKGroup StartDNF
 Jakub JiracekAnchorage, AKGroup StartDNF
 JD BatoveEagleRiver, AKGroup StartDNF
 Julie GarciaAnchorage, AKGroup StartDNF
 Michael BraunAnchorage, AKGroup StartDNF
 Nathan KincaidSoldotna, AKGroup StartDNF
 Stephen BalcaoAnchorage, AK

Saturday, June 25, 2016


"Riding with some guys.  Lots of bear signs everywhere.  Been VERY wet"

This was the text Peter sent during the Kenai 250 bike race this weekend. It brings to mind another race 8 years ago....

Cool thinking saved bear-attack victim
July 1, 2008 at 11:20 pm