Monday, March 10, 2014

Preparing for Lent

Burning last year's palms in our
Weber grill to make ashes
for Ash Wednesday

It is not my purpose to talk about the spiritual aspects of Lent. The 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter are a special time to focus on repentance of sin and renewed consecration to God, my creator and redeemer. I especially like the Litany of Repentance for Ash Wednesday that we used at the Ash Wednesday service. It reminds me of the multiple ways I do not not reflect God's Glory. It then points me to the good news of the Gospel. Jesus Christ perfectly reflected God's Glory and God credits his righteousness to my account. Good News indeed!

I spent an inordinate amount of time and energy and money to replace our dried out Christmas Wreath on the front door with this Spring Wreath.  First, I had excess time on my hands last week. Second, I was bound and determined to find a wreath that looked natural. With coupons in hand I visited all the craft stores. Nothing looked natural. I found a small purple pail and some wispy purple flowers I liked at Joanne's but the pail did not work on the door.

After the noon day Ash Wednesday service I stopped at the Leesburg Antique Court of Shoppes that is going out of business. Krista, Joanne, and I spent at least 2 hours there after a hike but now everything is 40% off. And there is a LOT of everything. I scoured the building for hours and piled items on a chair at the front desk for future purchase. They asked if I was an antique dealer!

In the barn, in the bottom of an old box, I found two wreaths, that were just what I wanted.  I left the shop to run home and get a check book and decide if the Cottage Rectory could 'endure' any more
'perfect finds'. 

On Saturday, after our Civil War Tour of Leesburg, we put the Guest Suite back together. I really like the way it looks - if I can only prevent the invasion of Stink Bugs, crickets, and earth worms.

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