Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Late dinner at the Cottage

Re: you all around tonight?
On Mar 18, 2014, at 3:51 PM, Charles Basinger <> wrote:

I think I have time to come over for a later dinner

Charles A. Basinger

So Jim runs to Food Lion for Steaks. I get up from my afternoon nap and remember I cooked all day yesterday and have all kinds of things to heat up to go with the steaks.

About 9 pm Jim gets the charcoal in the new Weber and starts the fire.

Charles arrives and we have dinner . . . He fixes my Boze speaker and sets up his new iPad. I give him the rug I sewed a sleeve on so he can hang it on his wall. He tells us that advertising Church of Our Saviour with the come on of '1928 Prayer Book and 1940's Hymnal' is not going to attract his age group. 
Jim starts falling asleep . . .  

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