Monday, February 15, 2016

Two Doors . . .

My Daughter Hope stands by The First Door


The Stotlers stand by the back door of my apartment in 2012, after they restored 115 Culpeper St.

The woman who lived in this house in 1972 was a co-pilot with Amelia Earhardt

John Quincy Marr House on Culpeper Street
First Confederate Casualty of the Civil War

Mrs. Carter took me to visit Weston

Mrs. Carter took me to visit Jane Cutler at Poplar Springs

In 1999  a couch sits by the Second Door in Bealeton

Inside 'my apartment' in  1999

In 2016 I learned that Ned died in January of 1999. When I knocked on his door in September of that year someone else was occupying his home.

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