Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nulls Revisit . . . .


My great grandmother's name is recorded in the family Bible.

She married Frank Null after his first wife died.  His descendants have been reuniting almost every year since 1948.

Our 3rd Reunion this summer (4th if I want to call Melissa and Bryan's wedding a reunion). The nice part about living on Rt. 15 in Virginia is that we can drive north or south to family . . And what a beautiful drive it is. This weekend we traveled to one of my favorite places - Lititz. Linda (cousin) and Steve Gentino moved there from College Park, MD in 1997 and we have planned to retire to Lititz ever since.  . . . Until Jim got a call to Church of Our Saviour at Oatlands and Linda and Steve are called to Columbia, SC to help David  (son) and Julia in their ministry with Columbia Presbyterian Church. So I guess you could say God had other plans.

Linda introduced us in 1974 and lived with us when we first got married.

General Sutter's home in Lititz

Lititz Moravian Church

 I still love Lititz, but less, now that Linda and Steve are not there.

Linda with her new favorite color

New Permaculture Garden
2014 Null Reunion at Freedom Memorial Park, Millersville

My slip of paper is chosen to win the Geraniums
Grave marker of Frank Null with first wife Maud 

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