Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Diary

Hmmm. . . .What exactly do you write in a Blog ? Is it different than a diary entry? I have been keeping a diary since I turned 10. First in a little blue vinyl book with a lock and key and then in stenographer notebooks. Now I have a Journal app on my iPad.


But a Blog has a different audience , thus, slightly different content. This week I read food Blogs and
copied the recipes. I read Yvonne's StoneGable Blog and studied the beautiful photos of her home, crafts, and food. I read Amy's Blog and learned about her marriage and her desire to strengthen other marriages. I read Priscilla's Blog and the responses of  all the women she is helping with her teaching ministry and through her book.

Hmmm . . .I think I want to talk about my unique life in a Cottage Rectory . .

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