Monday, January 25, 2016

The Blizzard of 2016 meets the Earthquake

January 2016 brought record breaking snowfall to the mid Atlantic. We had 3 feet of snow. more than any one time SNOWFALL in Anchorage, Alaska.

Meanwhile Anchorage, AK was rocked with a major earthquake that woke up Hope.

And we were literally 'snowed in' on Church of Our Saviour Farm from Friday until the following Wednesday when State Troopers stopped traffic on Route 15 to allow large plows to get into our lane. Jim plowed out the Volvo (which was loaded with our bags for the Mere Anglicanism conference in Charleston, SC and my hiking trip to Emerald Isle) and we hit the road.

But we had one stop. My small toe and foot were swollen and black and blue since Tuesday. The trip involved a lot of walking and hiking so I wanted to make sure I could still walk without making anything worse. We went to our Leesburg doctor who sent me for x-rays. Small toe broken in 2 places. Some walking as long as swelling did not increase, was okay.

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