Saturday, September 20, 2014

Venice - a Feast for the Senses

Day 7: Venice
Free day at disposal. In the morning a local guide will let you discover the capital of the ancient “Serenissima Republic of Venice”, which held sway over much of the Mediterranean (and beyond) for centuries. After that you have a lot of time to soak up its timeless beauty or explore its islands. 

Today is our day in Venice. We are docked on the island of Certosa and take a boat to Venice at 10:15 am. We meet our Tour Guide for Venice at the 2 Columns by the Palace of Doges at 11 am. He is a resident of Venice with a VERY strong Italian accent. I am sure he is thorough as he leads us though narrow streets and along the canals, but Carol and I cannot understand most of his English. It is hard work and tiring listening to someone like that. At the end of the tour we use our boat ticket to ride the Grand Canal to the train station and bus station. (Robin takes the day off) Then eat our packed lunches at a reasonable cafe in the low rent district where we must buy something to use their bathroom. We take the boat back to the 2 columns where we started. We get in line to see the Basillica Di San Marco  but they want our backpacks so Bjarne goes in and we wait. Then Bjarme suggests the Palace of the Doges. Wait in line again and get our tickets. Wish we had a guide but will return and purchase the audio-guide. The tickets last 3 months! As spectacular as anything we see in Rome.

Confusion catching boat to CERTOSA but I enjoy being a Follower. 
Fabulous dinner of pork cheeks, peas, lasagna, and Tiramasu. Then a song to the staff written by Ellen. Bjarne presents the tips I collected in the decorated "trash" envelope. Kirby presents great drawing she made of Captain Bert.

Off the Ave Maria tomorrow. Eager to read about all I saw today.

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