Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Po Meets the Adriatic

Day 4: Zelo-Ferrara-Adria 
After breakfast you will start cycling towards Ferrara. You will visit this historic town and discover its little touched centre, still surrounded by the original city walls. Town will let you discover its historical centre, still surrounded by the old city walls. From Ferrara a short bus transfer will bring you to Adria, an ancient Greek port, famous for trading amber coming from the Baltic. 

It is only Wednesday and we are already to the Adriatic Sea. The rest of our trip is biking the Islands around Venice.

The barge is rocking at the moment although we are docked near the fish market of Choggia, a really cool town that seems to be a place Italians come to visit.

I honestly can't remember where we biked today but I know it was near Salt Water and was over 50 k. The vegetation, houses, and odors said we were near the ocean. Lunch at an Italian Restaurant that looked like a popular place for wedding receptions. We sat outside near a creek with real geese, fake statues, unpleasant odors, but a very nice bathroom. We ate our delicious lunch that we pack each morning after breakfast. So this morning we put last night's roast beef on freshly baked Italian rolls, then added fresh pears or kiwi or apples to our lunch bag. At the Italian Restaurant many buy coffee, beer, soft drinks, or juice and that allows us to sit at their tables and use the restrooms. 

We then rode across some scary highways and around traffic circles (round-abouts) with buses, trucks, Italian drivers, and the 34 of us. We came to a beach town with an absolutely beautiful beach on the Adriatic Sea. We sat at tables under the awning of a refreshment stand. Then a few of us tested  the waters. Perfect! I took a nap on my Frogg Toogs in the sun. 

We then rode back to the main highway and to Chioggia. Fisherman live here and so does the oldest tower clock in the world. We climbed the 7 floors of St. Andrews tower to see the clock and hear the bells ring. Fabulous view.

Day 5: Adria-Porto Viro-Chioggia 
The boat will bring you to Porto Viro. You will be suspended between water and land, as you pedal between the Po delta and the mouth of the River Adige. You follow the Po-Brondolo water-way, which links the river to the Venetian lagoon. You will stay overnight in Chioggia, known as “little Venice”. 

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