Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ostiglia & Bergantino

Day 3: Mantova-Governolo-Zelo
The boat takes you to Governolo, where there is the biggest basin of Italy, built in order to control the Mincio River. You start the ride following the River Po, up to the village of Ostiglia, with the ruins of a medieval fortress. Subsequently you will visit the “Carousel and folk show museum” in Bergantino and enjoy a tasting session at a cheese factory. You will finally reach Zelo, a small and cosy village on “Canal Bianco”. 

Captain Vern just told everyone to remove their laundry from the uppermost level because they must collapse the canopy to go under the bridge at Ferrara. If our laundry is still up their we might find it hanging from the roof of the city bridge.

Today was another Dream Day. The Ave Maria begins moving while we eat breakfast. After breakfast it docks and we get our bikes off and through a path in the woods to the road. Robin and Bjarne and Dennis and Mandy travel ahead. I soak my camelback by accident so use their pannier which works well. Need a visor for the sun in my eyes. Ride through a very small town (Libiola) whose church was hurt in the earthquake and they are doing construction. Stop in Ostiglia  for coffee break and notice all shops are closed. Martina explains that Italians don t work on Monday mornings. Lunch in Bergantino and we sit apart  from the group outside the bar to eat our sandwich rolls packed on the barge. Public bathroom requires a large key in bar and is a squatter hole with flush.

Visit Museum of Amusement Rides. 50% of all amusement rides in the world are made in Bergantino, including most of the rides at Coney Island. All Disney rides are from this part of Italy too.

After about 7 km more we stop at a cheese factory and see how real _____is made. Then we have samples with small glass of wine and Carol gives me her small glass, but we still have 10 miles to ride.

Happy to see the Ave Maria and Robin and Bjarne. Barbeque for dinner served buffet style. Terribly good. Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

47 km (29 m) today and last part was unpaved.

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