Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cleaning the Cottage Rectory

Today Carol arrives for our trip to Italy - LEAVING Thursday night.  I am cleaning the house.

(Unbelievably, I am almost packed in Charles' REI luggage combo. There will be more rearranging and stuffing but, for the first time in my whole life, I know exactly what I want to take. No Kahtoola Microspikes, balaclava, down jacket, long underwear, gaitors, hiking boots.)

Meanwhile, cousin Linda is on her way to Columbia, South Carolina for an exciting new chapter. They have a new house and she is cleaning her Lititz house and has asked about my favorite cleaning products. I am sure there are natural no-chemical products out there but I like these chemical products.

1. BAR KEEPER'S FRIEND - I will use this on kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bath tub, and any marks on tile or linoleum.

2. BONA - I will use this on my wood floors after I sweep up the dirt and vacuum.

3. OLD ENGLISH - great way to mask scratches on dark wood furniture

4. QUICK SHINE - I used this on my tile when I moved in and it put a nice shine on the tile which    has now worn off. You can use this on all sheet linoleum.

5.  SCRUBBING BUBBLES FOR KITCHEN - My appliances are black and this is the only thing  that takes away water marks and streaks. I use it on the dark laminate counter tops in the kitchen too.

6.  SCRUBBING BUBBLES FOR BATH - This product removes light soap scum and cleans and         disinfects bathroom surfaces.

7. GLASS CLEANER - I have glass on the dining table and use glass cleaner frequently on the table     and window above the sink and microwave.

A broom and Bona mop are invaluable.

Bona Mop

My Oreck vacuum cleans the carpet and all other surfaces. In the Cottage Rectory I can plug it in one time and reach the whole house!

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