Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Why do I feel so content?

The weather at the moment is divine. Not too hot or humid. With Jim in Wheaton I am on my own time schedule. . . which is erratic. Whereas Jim's daily schedule is absolutely predictable.

I just spent 3 hours pulling weeds under the Blue Cedar at the Farmhouse. And it was pleasurable! No bugs - no mosquitos and the blooming azalea and red maple are beautiful. I am on schedule according to my TO DO list. And tomorrow is a HIKE!

The highway sounds of Rt. 15 are actually comforting and musical.

And I am learning the script for the Oatlands Garden Tour with practice! I have done 3 tours and each one gets easier. And last night I started reading Edith Eustis's romantic novel MARION MANNING.
It was published the year before she bought Oatlands and began her Classical Revival Victorian Garden.

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