Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good Tired

My first post I contemplated the distinction between a Diary/Journal and a Blog. I still think the line is blurred except in a Blog you leave out personal details or negative reactions to people and situations that are only for you to read. Tonight I thought " Do I write my thoughts in the iPad journal or my blog?" Blog won.

I can t remember being this exhausted since Christmas and my body aches. I have been pulling weeds on the Parking Parterre at the Farmhouse. Also cleaning Stink Bud residue from the porch and siding of the house. But it is a productive tired.

Tonight Hope arrives after many twists and turns to her first Jet Blue flight from Anchorage. What a dreadful trip. She chose Jet Blue because it flies to DULLES, unlike Alaska Airlines that goes to Reagan.

But there was a delay and cancellation in Boston and they said the flight would arrive 3 hours late to Reagan. Jim phoned Charles to get Hope at Reagan and meet him at Reston. Then Hope called because of another delay and said she was joining two other passengers to hire a taxi from Reagan to Dulles . . . so Charles was off the hook. Jim called Charles and Charles actually said he was disappointed.

Meanwhile I am hosting the last hike of the season up Hogback Mt Road tomorrow and then serving lunch. So cleaning the house has a dual incentive.

Finally figured out the menu today and ended up at Wegmans to find all the ingredients. Got back at Eight and had a disaster in frig and in kitchen . . . 

Blow up mattress in my sewing room. Hope will take my Volvo to Lynchburg tomorrow but will probably leave later...

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