Monday, May 19, 2014

A Party in the Garden

I guess this is 'my' Garden Party. I am weeding the Parking Parterre and the Soccer Parterre at the Farmhouse. The Irises are blooming and the Peonies are ready to burst open. I started today by giving a tour of the garden at Oatlands to a very knowledgeable group and made a mess of the script. They asked such reasonable questions as the exact type of stone in the steps, exact names of plants, etc. I said I don't know or made a guess.

So I want to clean out the weeds by the stone wall and fix up the garden that someone else has worked hard to create. It is a shame to let the weeds dominate the space.

Weeds Dominating
Iris and Peonies and Crepe Myrtle dominating

Thrill, Fill, Spill

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