Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maundy Thursday Surprises

First Surprise: The temperature dropped to 28 degrees. Remember, Sunday was 80! The Boston Ferns and Mandevilla are in the cellar and the rest of my plants came inside.

Second Surprise: I opened the front door this morning to a crisp clear Maundy Thursday and
found a tiny bird's egg (broken) on the mat.

I found this bunny tail on a hike.

Third Surprise: A raccoon is trapped in the trap we set for our ground hog!
Last week we caught a skunk in the trap and can still smell the scent on the side of the house.

Raccoons are nocturnal. So it is sleeping.

Fourth Surprise: Jeff, Bob & Evie Eisenhard came for a late afternoon visit

I served Kakel's smoked salmon as an hors d' oeuvre.

We had Norma Zimmer 's Chicken Salad on lettuce leaves,  creamed tomato soup, and toasted focaccia bread.
So nice to have relatives  drop by for visit!

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