Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Wonderful Life

One way to process the loss of my mother in September has been the making of a video of her 96 years. Her mother Ethel bought a Kodak Brownie camera in 1900 at 12 years of age. She 'developed' the film herself. About 30 years ago I got Ethel's albums, digitized the photos and started to ask all the 'older' family members at the family Reunions to identify the people and places. The photos have since faded beyond recognition! 

My mother, like her mother, was wonderful about keeping photo albums - one for each daughter and one for each of her six grandchildren. Son Peter helped me get this on YouTube and the sax (halfway through) is son Charles. Daughter Hope and sister Vickie took many of the recent photos.
The video may make her life seem 'ideal'. In some ways it was, but there were some difficult challenges that photos will never reveal. We witnessed her trust in Jesus Christ and his love for the fallen World in which we live. I am grateful for her 96 years and the care my sister Vickie and her family provided.