Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 2017

Yesterday Jim turned 71, same age  as Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, David Suchet, Tommy Lee Jones, Ed O'Neill, Danny Glover, Dolly Parton and.... Had we stayed in Anchorage💗 All Saints Episcopal Church would begin the search process for a new  rector anticipating Jim's mandatory retirement at 72.   The division at All Saints between Anglican and Episcopal would escalate. I guess the good news is that God had a different time schedule. The division occurred and both churches are healthy and faithful.
And we live in Loudoun County, Virginia in a Cottage Rectory next to an amazing new church building and amazing congregation.
And it is July and wineberry season on the farm.

The weather has not been too hot so far and there has been enough rain. Every time I walk outside I am greeted with 3 rabbits, 100 spiders, a chipmunk, groundhog, 3 squirrels, and a deer...


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