Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Trials and Tribulations of storing recipes on computer programs and then the internet

This may not look like an issue, but scroll down. . . 

Please Review Changes to Your Account
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Dear Donna,

This is a friendly reminder to export recipes from your Personal Recipe Box before January 31, 2016. After this date, your personal recipes will no longer live on TasteBook.com, as the Personal Recipe Boxes and custom TasteBook cookbook program will be retired.

To print or save your recipes, simply log onto your TasteBook account, select the "My Personal Recipes" page, and click on the "Download all of my recipes" button [see below]. Recipes that you have saved from TasteBook.com or other websites will not be available for exporting.
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For instructions on how to export your recipes or questions about your account, visit ourFAQ or contact TasteBook customer support.

Later this year, expect a new look, including more recipes, chefs, cookbooks, tips, and ideas. As part of those changes, the Personal Recipe Box and custom TasteBook cookbooks will be retired.

Yours in cooking,
The TasteBook.com team

This is an issue because:
           -of the number of recipes I have personally copied into Tastebook *850
           -my history of personally copying the same recipes into notebooks, then recipe                          programs on my PC,  new recipe programs on my PC, CookBook Wizard on                      my PC, spreadsheets on my PC

           -finally discovering TASTEBOOK - an online recipe source that would not be                             dependent on my software or hardware

I assumed TASTEBOOK was eternal. It may be eternal, but my use of it a recipe depository is not.

Just found PAPRIKA and purchased the app for my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. And now I can type, once again,  all the recipes that have proved successful for me the last 44 years! When might I receive a letter like this from PAPRIKA?

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