Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thank You Washington & Old Dominion

The Washington & Old Dominion was a train that ran in Northern Virginia  - from DC to the Blue Ridge Mountains - from 1858 to 1968. The tracks are now a paved trail, well maintained with a center line, mileage markers, and wonderful signage. I have been biking it from Shenstone Circle to Purcellville and back with Anne Horgan. She is in Bermuda for a week so I decided to ride alone from Leesburg towards Dulles.

On the trail I phoned Jim who was driving home from Arlington. I asked him to pick me up on the trail on his way home. That way I could spend most of my time riding towards Washington and exploring new territory. He agreed and I biked to the Hyatt Hotel at Reston Town Center, less than 20 miles. Perfect day for a ride with clear skies, low humidity, and below 80 degrees!

The bike trail goes through the old towns of Ashburn and Reston where the train stopped so you feel like you can visualize Northern Virginia before the sprawl. My bike is fabulous and the ride was so
pleasurable.  The best part was meeting Marie, a biker my age originally from Brooklyn.

For some reason she thought I was an experienced and fast biker, which I am not.

On the trail I thought of my last bike ride along the Turnagain Arm Trail. (one of four rides in year!) In this photo of Hope on Hope Point she is looking towards the trail along the far side of the Arm. The scenery is breathtaking and very different than the W & OD!

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