Saturday, May 3, 2014

Louisa's Wedding

Right now Alex and Louisa Oates Campbell are enjoying their wedding reception at the Belle Haven Club in Greenwich, CT. Jim is there and I would have joined him but . .

I am sitting in the Cottage Rectory listening to the stink bugs attack the screen and watching PRINCESS DIARIES for the very first time.  We both attended Louisa's parents' wedding  39 years ago!

I will drive to Raleigh to stay with my mother when Vickie and Gordon go to Wheaton for their 40th Reunion. The good news, and an answer to prayer, is that my mother is doing better and I am not needed immediately. The bad news is that I am not in Greenwich.

The good news, an answer to prayer, is that John Wilkins' heart is working and he is with us...and now at home.

The good news is that Hope's teaching job in Anchorage is secure or almost secure . . . .and that I
have been doing garden tours at Oatlands. . . .

The Wedding Parterre

Lawn Bowling

Mr. Carter's Smoke House  - Mrs. Eustis' Art Studio

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