Thursday, May 1, 2014

Full Circle

On Apr 16, 2014, at 1:31 AM, Carol & Jack wrote:

Hi Donna;
What precipitated the move from AK to VA after 23 years?   I assume it would have something to do with your husband's church position?

When and where did you move?  Do you have any family in the area?   How do you like it so far,etc. etc. etc?

I hope your move proves as successful as ours was out of California.  Of course, in our case, we did have a niece that we had visited a number of times before the move and knew that we liked the area so that we had an  advantage.  My older sister had moved here to an Assisted Living facility about a year before to be closer to her daughter, my niece.  However, my sister died  about 5 days after we arrived.

Would love to hear about how you are doing and a little about the area.


Dear Carol,

Our move from Anchorage, Alaska to Leesburg, Virginia in October did relate to my husband's church position. You are correct. We love Alaska and our Episcopal Church in Anchorage and had no desire to leave. The Episcopal church requires clergy to retire at 72. Jim is 67 and we assumed he would retire at 72 from our church in Anchorage. In May an Anglican Church (recently separated from the Episcopal Church over issues of theology and practice) 'called' Jim to serve their congregation. Church of Our Saviour, Oatlands is 40 miles west of Washington, DC. 

A little background - In 1974 when I met Jim, I was teaching school in Warrenton, Virginia,  not far from our new Anglican Church. The area is not unfamiliar. Our oldest son is a lawyer in DC, Jim's sister and family live nearby, and my mother and only sister live in Raleigh, NC - about 5 hours away.

The move to Alaska was a gift from God (although I did not see it that way in 1990) and the move to a wonderful congregation in a beautiful historic area - near family - is also a gift from from a very gracious God.

This blog is kind of my way to process the transition.

And it is nice to know you are happy in your new home and call it a successful move.


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