Friday, April 4, 2014

No More New, Mom

In 1982 we moved back to Pittsburgh from Chaptico, MD. Charles was 4 and Peter  2. As I drove them around Peter's Township and Upper St. Claire I chanted, "This is your NEW playground. This is your NEW school. This is your NEW church. This is your NEW McDonald's. This is your NEW . . . " Strapped in his seat behind me, Charles finally pleaded, "No more NEW, Mom!"

7 months into our New home, I feel his pain, especially in finding my way to and around the grocery store. This is the map I made for my car to get to the super markets in Leesburg. I have a great GPS in the car but it requires a physical address. The Rt 15 Bypass and a few loopy roads and strange lanes have gotten us terribly confused ON THE way to buy groceries. Just when I thought I could throw away the map, I discovered a short cut to Wegmans.

When we moved to Anchorage from South Carolina, 
I was thrilled with my NEW supermarket  -  Carr's (before it became Carr's - Safeway). No pain in trading Piggly Wiggly for Carr's. 23 years later I could shop in Carr's blindfolded.

Then I walked into Wegmans! Charles introduced me to Wegmans when he was in college at Cornell in Ithaca, NY
It just came to Leesburg and it is an experience. A wine bar - the best sushi I have ever eaten. Because wine is sold in supermarkets in VA, the store seems so huge. But a third of the store is wine! It will be 10 years at least until I can say I could shop blindfolded.

Thank You for Rating Us the #1 Supermarket in America 

We're thrilled to share that once again a national consumer magazine has ranked Wegmans #1 on their list of supermarkets!

We realize this achievement is a result of the special shopping experience our people create every day. We thank you for recognizing their passion and commitment to providing incredible service.

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