Wednesday, March 19, 2014


After the 9:30 Service on Sunday we all go to

the Belgian restaurant Et Viola,  on MacArthur Blvd. and then to hear the St. John Passion at National Presbyterian Church.
The ending is profoundly moving.
39 Chorus

Rest well, sacred bones,
for which I no longer weep—
rest well,
and bring me also to my rest.
The grave that is yours,
that holds no further suffering,
for me opens heaven
and closes hell.
40 Chorale

O Lord, send your dear little angels
in my last hour to bear my soul away
to Abraham’s bosom.
Let my body rest in its snug bedchamber,
without any sorrow or pain,
until the Judgment Day!
Then wake me from death,
that my eyes may see you
in great joy, O Son of God,
my Savior and Throne of Grace!
Lord Jesus Christ, grant me this—
I want to praise you evermore!

On the way home the snow begins.

Midwest, Mid-Atlantic brace for a white St. Patrick's Day

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